Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Great Monument

'The Great Monument'
© 2005 Martin Liew

The Great Monument

The last time I took this shot was on 12 Dec 2004 and it didn't turn out well. I set 'B' with aperture of f/8 and exposed for 3min40sec on Efke R100. Based on the developed film negative, it was over-exposed. This time, I used KODAK TMAX400 at f/16 and exposed for 3min36sec. I used the same exposure timing on a high speed film and this is what I get.

On that night, a fellow photographer friend of mine joined me for the first time to learn about night photography. She got some good results with her Lubitel. I'll feature some of her pictures here soon.

This is the monument built to commemorate the heroes and victims of WWII during the Japanese Occupation in Singapore circa 1942-45. Visitors and veterans came to Singapore between February and September last year to rediscover the past through heritage tours, commemorative events and exhibitions all dedicated to the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of end of World War II.

Commemorations were culminated in September with ceremonies to mark the surrender of the Japanese and the jubilant liberation of Singapore; to honor the heroes who perished, and to celebrate the beginning of a new era of independence.

Shanghai TLR • KODAK TMAX400 • 3min 36secs