Friday, June 30, 2006

Koh Boon Wei

© 2005 Koh Boon Wei

Koh Boon Wei

Boon Wei owns a photo-printing lab business located in Bedok area. He inherited the business from his late father who had taught him photography and darkroom printing skill when he was young. I came across Boon Wei's work at a local online B&W forum early last year. We bumped into each other during the Photo-Imaging 2005 held at Suntec Convention Hall. A nice friendly guy who always carries a smile whenever he talks.

Here are the two images taken by Boon Wei during his free time. All taken on Ilford Delta 400 with 80mm lens on Mamiya 645. 'Bridge' was taken at the Seletar Reservoir in the late night. The composition breaks away from the conventional way though somehow it cuts the picture in halves. Playing with the bridge silhouette and its water reflection, all against the lit-up graduated sky on the background, it certainly has the contrast effect. The reflections of distant light source on the right, add up as a bonus to the whole picture. Without it, the whole picture could look dull and flat. It makes the bridge more dimensional, separating the water and the sky.

I'm not sure where did Boon Wei take of 'Staircase'. Personally I find its contrast effect pretty theatrical. The lines and shape certainly play as important parts in the composition. It's easily passed as a straight forward fine-art exposure. Well I believe Boon Wei has his own interpretation or point of view at the time of exposing.

Mamiya 645 • ILFORD Delta 400 • Not recorded

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  1. hi i was just wondering if you have any old photos of bedok to share ?

    i'd love to have a photo of the overhead bridge for uppper changi road linking bedok central to bedok south which was the time before the mrt line was build.