Wednesday, June 14, 2006

'Lurking...' series 《另途之期望》 系列

'Lurking...' series 《另途之期望》 系列

After making many successful B&W nite pictures, I'm proud to know that I have a representative series of work and I titled it 'Lurking...'. Yes I have it in Chinese titles too. It's pretty much in metaphors about Life. It's still ongoing and I'm planning to have a series of 12 monographs. So far I have 3. More coming soon.

'Lurking...' #1 was taken on a Friday night dated 18 March 2005. I walked past this underpass towards Fort Canning Park. Upon reaching the other end of the underpass tunnel, there's a 2-way divergence. In front of me, one spiral stairs to climb up and on my right, a low steep curvy slope path with 2 high walls on each side, both leading to the same destination.

I took a walk to the latter one, walking up & down, looking & observing the area. Finally i found myself back to the starting point and set up the camera at a lower angle. I took 2 bracket shots of different angles. This is the 2nd exposure with the best result.

I like this shot becuz the curvy pavement leading to a right angle turn making you think what's behind there. There's some mysterious impact that makes this picture much interesting and appealing. Just in Life, one will never know nor predict the future, as in this case, what lies beyond the other side of the path. Life's path is never be straight and smooth as there are highs and lows and many other obstacles where one has to learn to overcome it with great courage and strength. As one moves along the way, one may lose his/her ways and this is when that light from the lamp post, which symbolizes hope and future. It guides us through our lives.

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