Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Quiet Alley
DWELL IN THE NIGHT is a personal photographic project which started out in late 2004. The objectives is to capture the cold and calmness of the night where time and space stand still. The scent, the climax, the beautiful night vision, and the most neglected night scenes that send off the sentimentalism or nostalgia value of one's own feelings to his/her surrounding environment.

Some mysterious combination of feeling light and the smell of an unrecognized plant bring back to some men the sense of childhood, and of future hopes and to others the sense of something which has been lost and nearly forgotten.

DWELL IN THE NIGHT, by its very nature, is a subjective study. It may covers or touches on a wide aspect of night photography but howsoever, every single picture made that captures the very moment at that time and space which are intangible enough (I hope) to interlink them together.

Therefore DWELL IN THE NIGHT is opened for interpretations...

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