Thursday, June 22, 2006

Under The Flyover

'Under The Flyover'
© 2004 Martin Liew

Under The Flyover
I bypass this highway flyover pretty often and it's near to where I stay. I can't help but noticed this spot - the underpass during night time. I thought to myself that it'll be good for a night shoot. So on 13 November 2004, I packed up my gears and walked to that place. It was a total different feeling when I stood there for a moment or two.

There are 2 separate paths, about 20 - 30 meters apart. After walking around and observing, I chose this pavement as less people walk by. It was really dark except with that lamp post light shining down on the pavement. I really like the ambience atmosphere caused by that lamp post light shining down on the pavement and to the surrounding. Though it wasn't as quiet as there are many vehicles drove by, the resulting photo does portrait some peaceful mood in it.
Shanghai TLR • KODAK TMAX400 • 1min 30secs