Thursday, August 31, 2006

What is Nocturne Photography?

What is Nocturne Photography?

As defined in dictionary, nocturne has two meanings:
(i) a painting of a night scene;
(ii) a instrumental composition of a pensive, dreamy mood, especailly one for the piano.

The word photography comes from two ancient Greek words: photo, for "light," and graph, for "drawing." "Drawing with light" is a way of describing photography. When a photograph is made, light or some other form of radiant energy, such as X rays, is used to record a picture of an object or scene on a light-sensitive surface.

Therefore Nocturne Photography is all about light-painting/drawing of a night scene.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm Back

Well after taking a 2-week break from blogging, I'm back. It was a hectic 2 weeks for me, busy working and rushing for deadlines. Of cuz I never stop photographying. I've joined 2 outings so far over 2 weekends i.e. last Sunday and today, basically just on street photography. Didn't really get any good subjects to shoot but managed to finish up a roll today.

I used a toy camera, Holga, with flash guns i.e. Yin Yan 30STZ and Nikon SB-800 on Fujifilm 400NPH and Kodak TMAX100 respectively. I've sent the color negative for d/o & 3S print which cost 50cents per print at Ruby Photo Store. Can't wait to see the results. Will send the B&W roll film for d/o asap. I've stopped using Holga for more than a year now and impulsively I pick it up again, playing with 2 different flash guns to find out the "right" techniques for correct exposures.

Well I won't be featuring those works in this blog but I do have ideas of setting up another blog entirely on Black & white Photography with my favorite topics on nature/landscape, still life, fine art, portraitures and street. Until then I'd focus on my night photography.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Stan Kay

Moonlight Huts
© 2006 Stan Kay

Stan Kay

Last week I came across Stan's night photos at a local forum and quite impressed by his digital works. I'm still pretty new in digital night photography as I shoot in film all the time. Though I've never met Stan in person, I decided to correspond with him, seeking his permission to feature his work at my blog site. He agreed.

Stan Kay started out with film camera, He used it for his travelling trips but only knew about the 'Program' mode. He was introduced to digital photography about 3 years ago through a basic photography course. Learning the basic was just the beginning till he went travelling overseas and started to face with countless photographic challenges that make him want to keep learning and shooting for better results.

"Basically, I am a travel photographer who likes travelling and shoot whatever comes by. Back in Singapore, we don’t really have varieties so the only way to keep me going on with photography is to keep thinking of new ways to make my photography more interesting. It is more for my self satisfaction followed by showcasing and sharing with other keen photographers or people who have the same interest. Creatively my mind's eyes help me to overcome my lack of camera techniques and knowledge in my photography journey." stated Stan Kay.

The two night photos featured here are part of Stan Kay's Late Night series. To view the rest of his work, please click here.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Loo Gu Tai

Man In The Park
© 2006 Loo Gu Tai

Loo Gu Tai

Loo is a fellow member of PSS, whom I first met through Selina last year during one of the Photo Clinic sessions which is held every Friday night. She owns a Nikon F80 and she insists on using films and not interested in digital camera at all. After seeing some of my B&W night photographs, Loo got interested in night photography and since then she, Selina and I went for night shooting on most Saturday nights early this year.

On April's Fool night, Vincent Hau joined us at Fort Canning Park. FYI, the above featured shot was done by Loo and the man in that picture is none other than Vincent Hau himself, who volunteered to pose as a model for her. Loo used Kodak color negative film with aperture setting at f/8 exposed for 8 sec.

The shot below was taken on a separate night at Changi Boardwalk. Loo was drawn by the harsh shadows of the wooden railing casted on the wooden boardwalk by the only light from the lamp post. The light also brings out the wooden textures of the boardwalk which has this jagged line patterns that makes the whole picture more interesting. Things to watch out for are a.) the 'No Swimming' signboard right next to the lamp head, which was cropped into half off the edge of the frame. It was a slight composition error there. Always watch out for details. b.) On the background, anchored boats and yachts are blur not becuz of camera shake but due to 2 factors; 1. there were other ships sailed by in the distant causing some sea-water waves that spread towards the anchored boats and shook them causing motion blur and 2. the long exposure timing. Camera and exposure settings are not recorded.

Boardwalk by the Sea
© 2006 Loo Gu Tai

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Selina Ng

Sentosa Park

Selina Ng

Selina takes on any kind of photography except portraitures. She's drawn to subjects that catch her attention i.e. found-objects in the street, old buildings, sceneries, etc. Her approach in photography is quite comtemporary. Selina prefers to shoot in B&W more than in color. She takes infra-red photography as well and do all her own film developing and printing at home where she converts the bathroom into a traditional wet darkroom. She does digital photography occasionally with a Canon 350D.

Here are two featured photographs by Selina. They were taken separately during two of our weekend night photography outings. These two pictures were strongly inspired by renowned night photographer, Andrew Sanderson's works.
All pictures were taken on B&W ISO100 film, exposure settings not recorded. Film is scanned with minor adjustment in Photoshop for brightness and contrast.

Changi Boardwalk

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fireworks Festival 2006

NDP2005 Fireworks by French Team
© 2005 Martin Liew

SINGAPORE NDP 2006 - Fireworks Festival

It's that time of the year where we celebrate for our 41st Independence Day this year. Fireworks Festival 2006 is held in conjunction with our National Day Parade. Organised and managed by UnUsUal Productions Pte Ltd. This year's festival consists of 4 fireworks shows lead by 4 teams. It will be held at Marina Bay at 9pm.

Here are the dates:
• 5th Aug 2006, Sat - Team Italy lead by Mr. Francesco Ambrico of Magic Events
• 8th Aug 2006, Tue - Team Singapore lead by Mr. Henry Ng of SpectaWorks Pte Ltd
• 11th Aug 2006, Fri - Team New Caledonia lead by Mr. Charles Germain of Inter-dis SARL
• 12th Aug 2006, Sat - A complimentary musically choreographed fireworks display by the French team of Signapore Fireworks Festival 2004.

For more information and details, please log on to this site.

NDP2005 Fireworks by Vincent Hau, LPSS

NDP2005 Fireworks
© 2005 Vincent Hau

NDP2005 Fireworks by Vincent Hau, LPSS

Vincent Hau is a digital photographer and a fellow member of Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS) where he attained his Licentiateship distinction title (LPSS) in 2005. I first met Vincent at a night photography course we took at PSS mid last year. Later on we took up Studio Lighting course at PSS. Though Vincent is not particular into night photography, he has constantly attended various photography courses to upgrade his skills and working hard for his next higher titles i.e. Associateship (APSS) and Fellowship (FPSS).

During last year's pre-National Day period, there was a series of fireworks activities held at the Singapore River which attracted thousands of people crowded in the vicinity, catching the magnificient colorful fireworks. Vincent suggested that it's a good opportunity and a challenge to take fireworks pictures, be it digitally or on film. So we gathered another fellow course mate and went for it.

Honestly speaking, Vincent took better fireworks pictures than I did. The above shot was taken by him. If you like to find out more about Vincent's work, here's his website.

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Shed In The Park

A Shed In The Park
© 2006 Martin Liew

A Shed In The Park

A Shed In The Park was taken in the late evening during the last 15 minutes before the sky was completely dark. It wasn't my first attempt at making this picture and finally I found this one more satisfying. This is what I like about night photography. Going back to the same locations and you'll bound to see things differently with some lurking surprises awaiting for you to discover. I'll go there again on the next few full moon nights and try to make a few more exposures with the full moon, if possible. From there I have to find out and predict what will be the best time to take when the moon is set hgh or low and in which direction, so that I can capture every element in the frame. I'm sure that will make the whole picture more dramatic and attractive, or rather in a poetic and romantic sense.

Shanghai TLR • KODAK TMAX400 • 3min 40secs

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Night In The Park

A Night In The Park
© 2005 Martin Liew

A Night In The Park

This photograph was made after a couple of early attempts which I wasn't satisfied with the results. Like landscape photography, night photography requires not only one-time exposure at a given time at one fixed vantage point of a selected location. Initially it requires the photographer to find the right vantage points and make a couple of bracket shots. It also requires the photographer to come back to the same location at different day and timing for more different feel and mood to get the perfect image from the mind's eye, if the early results aren't good.

So in this particular night I was walking in this residential park in the North area, hoping to make some good night pictures. I came back to this bridge where it's right across a huge canal towards a big field. After walking around to find the right vantage point I wanted, I set up my tripod, mounted the camera and made the shot.

I really enjoyed this part of the area where the lightings caused this wonderful ambience to the surrounding, as much as I enjoyed the process of making this picture. It makes me feel like I'm being there every time I see it. What a night in the park!

Shanghai TLR • KODAK TMAX400 • 3min 40secs