Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm Back

Well after taking a 2-week break from blogging, I'm back. It was a hectic 2 weeks for me, busy working and rushing for deadlines. Of cuz I never stop photographying. I've joined 2 outings so far over 2 weekends i.e. last Sunday and today, basically just on street photography. Didn't really get any good subjects to shoot but managed to finish up a roll today.

I used a toy camera, Holga, with flash guns i.e. Yin Yan 30STZ and Nikon SB-800 on Fujifilm 400NPH and Kodak TMAX100 respectively. I've sent the color negative for d/o & 3S print which cost 50cents per print at Ruby Photo Store. Can't wait to see the results. Will send the B&W roll film for d/o asap. I've stopped using Holga for more than a year now and impulsively I pick it up again, playing with 2 different flash guns to find out the "right" techniques for correct exposures.

Well I won't be featuring those works in this blog but I do have ideas of setting up another blog entirely on Black & white Photography with my favorite topics on nature/landscape, still life, fine art, portraitures and street. Until then I'd focus on my night photography.

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