Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Night In The Park

A Night In The Park
© 2005 Martin Liew

A Night In The Park

This photograph was made after a couple of early attempts which I wasn't satisfied with the results. Like landscape photography, night photography requires not only one-time exposure at a given time at one fixed vantage point of a selected location. Initially it requires the photographer to find the right vantage points and make a couple of bracket shots. It also requires the photographer to come back to the same location at different day and timing for more different feel and mood to get the perfect image from the mind's eye, if the early results aren't good.

So in this particular night I was walking in this residential park in the North area, hoping to make some good night pictures. I came back to this bridge where it's right across a huge canal towards a big field. After walking around to find the right vantage point I wanted, I set up my tripod, mounted the camera and made the shot.

I really enjoyed this part of the area where the lightings caused this wonderful ambience to the surrounding, as much as I enjoyed the process of making this picture. It makes me feel like I'm being there every time I see it. What a night in the park!

Shanghai TLR • KODAK TMAX400 • 3min 40secs