Monday, August 14, 2006

Stan Kay

Moonlight Huts
© 2006 Stan Kay

Stan Kay

Last week I came across Stan's night photos at a local forum and quite impressed by his digital works. I'm still pretty new in digital night photography as I shoot in film all the time. Though I've never met Stan in person, I decided to correspond with him, seeking his permission to feature his work at my blog site. He agreed.

Stan Kay started out with film camera, He used it for his travelling trips but only knew about the 'Program' mode. He was introduced to digital photography about 3 years ago through a basic photography course. Learning the basic was just the beginning till he went travelling overseas and started to face with countless photographic challenges that make him want to keep learning and shooting for better results.

"Basically, I am a travel photographer who likes travelling and shoot whatever comes by. Back in Singapore, we don’t really have varieties so the only way to keep me going on with photography is to keep thinking of new ways to make my photography more interesting. It is more for my self satisfaction followed by showcasing and sharing with other keen photographers or people who have the same interest. Creatively my mind's eyes help me to overcome my lack of camera techniques and knowledge in my photography journey." stated Stan Kay.

The two night photos featured here are part of Stan Kay's Late Night series. To view the rest of his work, please click here.