Sunday, September 17, 2006


Two Orchids #1
© 2006 Martin Liew

Two Orchids

Who says we can only shoot floral photographs in the day time? Well of cuz we are making full use of the natural sunlight to make the best floral pictures be it close-up or macro format. What I did here was to make floral photography more creative in a way that I make the pictures in the night time, in dark area of the garden away from stray light sources particularly from those lamp posts. The pictures featured here were taken on Kodak slide film with my favorite manual SLR, Nikon FM10, handheld.

Well you might ask how did I do it handheld when the surrounding area is so dark? It definitely requires a longer exposure timing and a sturdy tripod is a must here, you might say. Yes you are correct on that point. Didn't I mention it was a night of light-painting or should I put it more appropriately, color-splashing?

For the set up, I used 2 flash units each mounted on a normal tripod respectively. I placed each on the left and right side of the Orchids. The left side flashhead was fitted with a DIY blue colored gel and the other with a DIY magenta colored gel. With the help of a wireless flash transmitter and 2 receivers, I was able to take such pictures handheld. Though this shot was quite under-exposed, I still kinda like the blending of the color effect. I could have set the flashes on full power or use a wider aperture, say f/5.6 or f/4 with shutter speed of 1/125sec.

The picture below was taken with a different color gel i.e. replacing the blue with red but the results aren't that good.

Two Orchids #2
© 2006 Martin Liew