Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Closing Ceremony of National Stadium

Closing Ceremony of National Stadium

30 June 2007 Saturday was the day Singaporean witnessed the closing ceremony of our National Stadium. I was supposed to go back there for some re-make of photographs I did in early June. Well I guess it's too late for me now. That evening, I received a call from a friend, who happened to have an extra complmentary ticket to the closing ceremony event. It was a last-minute call but I gladly accepted the offer.

I arrived late at around 8:45pm at the West Entrance area. Traffic was kinda heavy in that area and there were many poeple around. Most came for the friendly soccer match between Singapore and Australia soccer team. it was half-time break. During this time, I took a few pictures. Honestly all are boring photographs and i didn't bother to use my flashlight. Eventually my pictures turned out with big bokeh and camera-shaky effects, like this one below.

Frankly speaking, never before did I go for our country's national day celebration at the National Stadium. It was my very first time attending to the event at the stadium. As the soccer match getting more higher climax, soccer fans or supporters shouted and screamed and cheered for their home team. Of course there was the Kallang Wave.

After the match, there was a short stadium history and our past soccer glory stories, hosted by Brian Richmond and Glenn Ong. Yes it was telecasted live on Channel 5. Next the short fireworks display which wasn't nice at all, visually.

The party starts, with our native rock band, Kruger, took on the stage. The band kick-started with the first song, Vertigo (original song by U2) with John Molina as the lead vocalist. I wanted to take the band pictures but I was told that I have to pay $10 to enter the soccer field area where the party was held. I decided not to and bid farewell to my friend. As I walked out of the stadium by the west entrance I purposely walked along the perimeter of the stadium towards the east entrance area. Many people were leaving too. I was mingling around just to look out for any photographic opportunities.

There were ice-cream men selling ice-cream and drinks. So I took a couple of shots and though this isn't the best shot, it's merely a snapshot (above) which I think has this strong sense/sight of activities outside the stadium. Thereafter I left for home.