Friday, November 30, 2007

Nocturne Photography @ Pulau Ubin

I organized a night/nocturne photography outing last Saturday, 24 Nov 2007 in Pulau Ubin. It was a small group of 6, including myself. It was fun and every participant get to do the light-paintings. It was a full moon night and some of the images are illuminated by the moon light, which created such effect as if it was taken during dawn or dusk.

Here are my nocturne images. Pleasant viewing.

Mamam Beach
Rubber Trees

Floral Nocturne 生命之歌
Ubin Taxi 2
Ubin Taxi 3
© 2007 Martin Liew Photography
All photographs are made with Tamron 17-35mm lens on Nikon D70s. All photographs are made on the spot with strong power torchlights on 5 colored gels, except Floral Nocturne - light-painted with a LED torchlight.