Saturday, January 09, 2010

Clubmoss Trees Nocturne in 360 panorama

Here it is. This is the third nocturne 360-pano on Clubmoss trees that Wee and I made on last Saturday night. Just click on the image title to view the VR format.

What are Clubmoss trees? Make the jump to find out.

Clubmoss trees (Lepidodendron, in its botaninc name I guess). Lepidodendron is the name given to a giant Lycopod or scale tree which formed an important part of the coal swamps of the late Carboniferous which grew to heights in excess of 40 meters. The extinct genus of primitive, vascular plants were related to the Lycopsids (club mosses) and are sometimes called giant club mosses. They thrived during the Carboniferous period.

New Zealand has around 10 species, some of which are common. But in our case, I suspect the Clubmoss trees are man-made. Its branches outstretching in a spooky and eerie manner especially when view in the night.

On this particular night, it was a full moon and it just hung right behind the trees, creating such beautiful night scenery in Evolution Garden. You can spot the moon in this 360-pano. I did not make any nocturne though. Just light-painting the areas needed for 360-pano.

In this nocturne, Wee did most of the lighting using his external strobe setting at 1/2 power, for slightly faster recycling time. In fact its flashlight power is powerful that certain areas are blasted with harsh light.

For me I did the lightings under the bridge, walking pavement and using lavender colored filter gel on the trees. Somehow Wee did not stitch very well for this 360-pano work. I'm sure you can spot it very easily. The ground light coloring was badly stitched too. I wish he have had make it better.

Anyway, you can view one of the nocturne photographs I made of the Clubmoss trees in my website here. Pleasant viewing.