Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Machine Gun Post @ Labrador Part 1

I can't say how much relief and joy I had on 27 March 2010, Saturday night that I was able to find time for my nocturne photography and to make some good nocturne fotos. At the same time it was a great pleasure to have a long-time friend to join me for the night outing.

I've always wanted to do nocturnes in Labrador Park. It wasn't my first time there. In the previous week, I did a location recce and I found this machine gun post, which is one of the WWII relics in the park, as my main subject. Its concrete structure design is unique with worn-off textures. I would not talk about the history of this machine gun post here as I dun wanna bore you.

So read on to find out how I made the photographs as I explain and share the techniques used.