Monday, November 15, 2010

Dwell In The Night (A Short Film Trailer)

© Martin Liew Photography

OK you might ask what does a short film trailer got to do with night photography. Make the jump as I explain.

Recently I bought myself a camcorder as I need it for my location recce or urban exploration prior to my night photography outings. The video recordings serve as a good reference in finding the best possible vantage points for my night photography or outdoor location portraitures.

Last week, I went to one of my favorite locations as pictured above. Some of you may know where this place is. It's located just besides Park Mall, a underpass leading towards Fort Canning Park. I just love these high walls and the curvy pavement. I was there to survey for the best spots for an upcoming outdoor portraitures which was postponed. It crossed my mind to do this artistic short film project, sort of part-music video and part- art film. Well it's all just experimental. So here's the short film I did.

I named it, Dwell In The Night,  the same title for my black and white night photography project. More images will be added for this film, so I thought I'd present this short one as a teaser or trailer. The so-called full length will not exceed 15 - 20 minutes. In fact, the soundtrack running time is 32 minutes. Music composed and performed by Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth from one of his solo albums, Amarillo Ramp (For Robert Smithson). For those, like me, who love experimental music, you can check out the album tracks here. To these days, I still dig in SY and LR's music. Lee's music is more on the poetic side. If you listen to Notebook track, you'd know what I mean.

So based on the soundtrack running time, I can make the film within 30 minutes but I have to include interesting images and footage in order to make my viewers watch the entire film. Mind you, I'm not venturing into videography nor cinematography. It's one big craft to master and I don't wanna step into it. Just wanna experiment and get my creative juice flowing, trying out new possibilities.

OK I hope you enjoy viewing the short film and thanks for watching.