Thursday, December 02, 2010

Laser Pointer, a Light-painting Experiment

This is a follow-up to a blog I wrote on a green laser pointer which can be used as a good light-painting tool. I didn't really make as many experiment shots with it, but just one I did during the Singapore Night Hunt photo-marathon contest. See the result for yourself inside.

I used the green laser pointer on one of the 4 themes given at the photo-marathon contest, i.e. Sound of Darkness. With the kind courtesy of my friend, I used his tripod to mount the laser pointer with a rubber band. I tied it up in  a way that the rubber tension was able to hold pressure down on the button so that I was able to do a long exposure with the starry dots in a fixated position without causing any unnecessary light trails/strips while hand-held.

I wanted to use the laser pointer's "starry dots" effect to symbolize sound in the night, I casted the dots onto the abandoned house and exposed for about 45 seconds. And this is what I got.

Laser Pointer Experiment Shot
© 2010 Martin Liew Photography

Well as you can see clearly that the result is overwhelming, messy and flat. I didn't bother to make a few more images. The laser light density is too strong and somehow there are motions on the dotted lights, which I believe was caused by tripod movements.

There are two factors to consider in using this light-painting tool and they are (a) under what kind of situation do I need to use this tool to express my artistic view in my work? I don't really need it often for every night photograph I made, which mainly depends on selective subjects. (b) how do I get the right exposure timing in order to get the right amount of light density captured by the camera sensor? I certainly need more time to experiment and get the control right. Not easy but can be done.

In fact I have a few ideal subjects which I can apply this lighting effect. OK in my next blog I will talk about another light-painting tool, well, it's none other than the LED  flash light. This is not the usual LED light that you are using. It allows me to have more light density controls. Do come back for the new blog.

Mean time, I would continue to experiment with the laser pointer for better results. x Keep my fingers crossed. x