Thursday, December 02, 2010

New Tool for Light-painting (A New Upgrade)

About a week ago, I placed an order for this wonderful LED flash light, FENIX TA21 which I just collected it yesterday. This flash light comes with 12 modes of light output, with the lowest light power at 4 Lumens to the maximum of 225 Lumens. At 225 Lumens, it is pretty strong. Its cree XR-E LED (Q5)  has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Previously I was looking at FENIX TK40, but I find it is way too strong and powerful for my nocturne photography. I consider getting a TA21 as a new upgrade and partly because I want to travel light.

More details after the jump.

In my usual night outing, I would carry a haversack in which holds 2 big lights. They are this one 2.5-million candlelight power with quartz halogen searchlight and a KHIND brand tungsten searchlight made in Malaysia (pictures shown below respectively). Both lights use in-built rechargeable batteries.

Well I got them quite cheap, but not for TA21. This sturdy and durable LED flash light cost me $115, exclusive of a 18650 battery and a battery charger. Just imagine of the weight I have to carry each time I go out for nocturne photography, along with my camera bag and a Manfrotto 055 PRO Black (old model) sturdy tripod with a MARKINS Q10 ballhead.

I have bought a white diffuser tip for TA21, which I believe this accessory comes as a helpful tool in creating interesting light-painting effects. Well I have yet to experiment with it and hopefully I can get some really good results. With this new flash light in my tool collection, it doesn't mean I'm giving up on the 2 big searchlights. I will be still using them depends on the objects that I want to light up.

The next accessory I want to get is a holster that TA21 can fit in nicely. Will check out DAISO and some hardware shops which I'm sure I can find one suitable size. I will be bringing TA21 out for a night outing soon and will follow-up with a new blog. So do come back and thanks for reading this blog.

Hold on a second. Before you go, here's a video on TA21 and TA30 review that you might be interested to check out.