Saturday, August 20, 2011

Light-painting in the Day

Capitol Theater
© Martin Liew Photography

Last Sunday I gathered two of my friends to join me for the exploration of the old Capitol Theater located near City Hall MRT Station. I was there a day earlier for location recce. Some of the pictures I took with my mobile phone camera can be seen on my other blog site.

It's more than 10 years since the last time I visited the theater for movie screenings. It comes as a big thrill to me and I would like to share with you the pictures I've made. So come on in for some visual treats.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Night Photography with a Mystery Guest

© Martin Liew Photography

In early July, I received a message from a friend via Facebook. I was informed of his second trip to Singapore in early August. Yes he was in town last week and I showed him around. To my surprise, he discovered this abandoned dilapidated house (shown above), near the hotel he stayed. Make the jump and find out who our mystery guest is.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where have I been?

Abandoned House
© Martin Liew Photographer

Where have I been for the past 6 months? Not a single blog posted here for more than 6 months. Yes! This is really outrageous I know! Am I slacking? No I am not. I was busy with my digital portraiture projects; doing mainly fashion photography. Check out my new work over at my website. I've always consistently looking for inspirations and never forget about nocturne photography.

Here's the new updates for you readers out there. The last nocturne outing was held in May 2011. Two friends had joined me that night and it's my pleasure to showcase their work here. Make the jump to find out more.