Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Walk In The Park

Waxing Gibbous Over FCP

A night time ago I visited Fort Canning Park. I climbed up the long stairway located right besides MITA Building which leads me to the Light House. It was a cooling windy night. Occasionally some passing clouds. I was trying to find the best vantage spots to frame and compose the light house with my phone camera. Here are 2 shots.

Light House @ Fort Canning Park
The main purpose of this visit was in fact, a re-visit and location recce for my night photography. I've visited the light house a few years ago and somehow spent some time making some night photos. I can't remember what format and camera I used back then, but I do know it didn't work out well. So this year I'm going to make an effort to make some good night photos.

I do have a little concern though in regards to the day-light white spotlights shining on the light house. Would it be switched off after mid-night? I wonder. Once those lights are out, I'll be able to do my own light-painting. Of course before lights off, I can make some shots with my Variable ND filter on, so as to stop down some excessive light (probably about 4 or 5 stops) and to add my own colored light, especially on the top part. Test trial is necessary but being conscious not to waste too much battery power on the large power searchlight. I'll see how it goes tonight.

All images shown here are taken with my Samsung S3 on Low Light mode in Incandescent WB with post-processing in Snapseed app. All copyrights reserved.