Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NEWS Announcement!

Good evening fellow night dwellers! I hereby proudly announce that a new night photography group has set up in Flickr on 18 May 2014, Sunday, founded by fellow night photographer, CS Lee and myself.

It's called Night Photography Asia Community (NPAC for short).

Log on to Flickr now and find out more. You can do a Group Search in Flickr by typing the full group name or click on the image above.

The main reason why we set up this group is that both of us have not really come across any night photographs, be it on film or digital format, made in any part of Asia countries. We've seen many night photographs from US and Europe. But why isn't there any in Asia regions?  Maybe there are but just that it's scarce to come by seeing one.

Many photographers would pack up when night falls and call it a day. There are so many beautiful things at night to make photographs of. Night Photography covers a wide aspect of techniques and subjects namely landscape, cityscape, urban streets, abandoned buildings, Milky Way, star trails, moving clouds, light-paintings and many more.

Lee and I are both passionate about night photography and we want to create an awareness so as to promote Night Photography as well as to inspire many others to pick up this photographic craft. So we hereby call out to all night photographers from Asia countries to join us at NPAC.

We're still at the early stage and we do have plans for future NPAC activities. But for now we're taking one step at a time working our way to make NPAC active. Do spread the word and let your friends know about NPAC.

Last but not least, we have also set up a night photography fan page on Facebook. Do LIKE us here and get new updates on tips and tricks and many interesting topics on Night Photography.

We hope to see you guys and your work at NPAC. Cheers!