Sunday, March 22, 2015

Heartland Tranquility

Heartland Tranquility
Yes I'm back again. Yes I know I know. I was on hiatus again and it just couldn't get any worse than the previous one. It's 4 months and 8 days to be precise.

Well I was more focused on day and night street photography, and not totally forgotten about night photography, light-paintings and stuff. I still have a strong affinity that is stored deep inside me. Last Saturday I decided to move my ass out of the house to make some night photos, just to serve as a warm-up exercise.

I decided to pay a second visit to a place which I made some nocturnes of an old school playground before i.e. Dove playground. Visit my website to view more of my night project on old school playgrounds titled, This Used To Be My Playground.

This time round no light-paintings, no playground. The main objective was to experience and feel the night atmosphere in that neighborhood. To capture that available ambience and tranquility. News were out that these old HDB flats will be demolished. Based on the my very first visit, I recalled the night tranquility in that area which I really like it very much.

So I roamed the area and spotted a few good subjects. Heartland Tranquility is one of them. The moment I saw that hot light on the tree and silhouette and long cast shadow, I knew I have found it. I made a few long exposures ranging between 10 - 20 seconds, trying out different framing, perspectives and focal length, this is the final one after much editing during the post-production stage.

Here are the rest of the night photographs I made on that single night.

Dakota Crescent
Free Library
Sleeping on the Porch
Yes just 4 good ones. Could have more when I find time to visit the place again. I hope you enjoy your stay here tonight and have a pleasure viewing my new work. As I mentioned, this served as a good warm-up exercise for me and I will be heading to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia next weekend, for more exciting night photography outings with a good friend of mine and fellow night photographer, CS Lee.

I'm so looking forward to this trip. So if you want to see my new work from Malaysia, do subscribe to my blog here for new updates. Thank you for your time.