Friday, December 04, 2015

Decommissioned British Military Fort – Batu Berlayar AMTB Battery

Good evening Night Dwellers! Tonight is the night that I'm extremely excited to share with you on my new nocturnal work on a decommissioned British military fort – Batu Berlayar AMTB Battery! Viewing pleasure is yours after the jump.

Batu Berlayar AMTB Battery is located in the southern coast of Singapore, right in Labrador Park. One and a half month ago, I wrote about my URBEX experience in this fort. Two weeks later, I went back on Halloween night to make some awesome night photographs of this historical battle fort. And so here they are.

I had such wonderful time making night photographs of this fort and I can't seem to get enough of it. Yes I'm planning to go back. Until then, I'll update this blog with new photos.

I hope you enjoy viewing my new work as much as I love making them. Previously I announced on the launch of my night photo prints sale. Six night photos. If you like to make a purchase on any one or more of the 6, OR any other night photos I made other than the 6, do contact me directly and I'd be happy to reply you asap.

Good night!