Friday, January 22, 2016

Last Days of Commonwealth Drive Old Estate

In 2008, Block 74 – 80 in Commonwealth Drive in which the area is also known as Tanglin Halt, were announced for the Selective En Bloc Replacement Scheme. Residents and business occupants have since moved out of the estate to replacement flats and/or business units. Also referred to by most older generations/Pioneers, as Chap Lau Chu (10-storey houses in Hokkien dialect), the now vacant blocks will soon be demolished and all that will be left of them will be dust and some of former residents' memories.

I paid a short visit there last Saturday night and here are just 3 night photos I made. All flats are inaccessible where metal gates are installed at all the staircases and the old vintage elevators are all long gone.

For more detailed information on this place, you can visit the following websites.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Water Tower of Wessex Estate

The Water Tower of Wessex Estate
An old abandoned water tower situated on a little hill top in the neighborhood of Wessex Estate, Portsdown Road. Pink cellophane paper on a neutral white LED video light lit underneath the tower for 30 seconds under a cloudy night sky.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Cable Car Display (Defunct)

A defunct cable car is seen displayed in the backyard of a 1930s Ebenezer Chapel located in Dempsey Hill, now home to The White Rabbit – one of Singapore's leading classic institutions since its opening in 2008. With an average exposure time of one minute, a few strobe pops were fired in the cable car interior; one with a yellow cellophane and the other with red. Some cool white LED fill-in for the foreground and shadow details.

Wooden Cart

A wooden cart is displayed in the premise of Loewen by Dempsey Hill. A stack of three 10-seconds exposures in Photoshop to attain this night photograph. Strong neutral white LED light on the wooden cart at 3 different angles, and background was lit by the hanging red and blue colored LED lights on the tree.

Night Summer House

Another medium form i.e. on 120 medium format color transparency film, was made and will be posted soon.

Photo info:
Apple iPhone 6 Plus on default mode Square format and post-processed in Snapseed 2.0 and color-corrected in Photoshop.

Here's one made with Nikon D300 on Tokina 11-16mm UWA lens. A minute and a half exposure of available ambience from the warm street lights. It was a windy night, cool breeze with passing by clouds which form that motion blur in the beautiful night blue sky. Some adjustments made in Photoshop to attain this satisfying result.


Last night I revisited an old place on impromptu. An old place where I first discovered back in mid 2010 and I did many night photography here. I even brought Master Night Photographer, Troy Paiva here in Oct 2010 when he first visited Singapore. Now this place has been renovated and redeveloped.

I had the great pleasure exploring the whole place which is named Loewen by Dempsey Hill. Located where the military hospital used to stand, Loewen by Dempsey Hill has transformed into an education and lifestyle destination offering restaurants, pottery classes, art classes, chocolate-making classes, programmes for children, and more. More info on Loewen by Dempsey Hill here.

Troy came back in late July 2011 and we found ourselves back to this place where we had never explored the year before. We had a group photo shoot here, too.

Last night I made some digital night photos in Loewen Cluster area along with my TLR camera on Fujichrome Provia 100F. Four more frames to complete this second roll and one last roll to go. I'll post the best results once I got it all ready.

Coming back to the night photo shown above, I wanted to expose this night scenery of an emitted pale blue light in a room on Provia but just couldn't decide. Hence I picked up my iPhone 6 Plus and made this shot in square format to see how it looks like. And surprisingly I like it.

I like it for its simplicity, warm and cool light collided. Most of all, the sense of tranquility along with the available ambience lights and casted shadows of tree leaves set against the building. All elements that made this night photo so romantic, if not poetic. With that said, I will certainly return with my TLR camera for a few exposures.

Photo info:
Apple iPhone 6 Plus on default mode Square format and post-processed in Snapseed 2.0 and color-corrected in Photoshop.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Industrial Decays

This old architectural design from the 60s or 70s
with many others around, will perhaps be demolished
and redeveloped with new industrial buildings

Took some time to explore this abandoned industrial park located in the east region of Singapore and I managed to find some interesting mundane subjects to make photographs of – on both color transparency film and digital format.

The former is yet to be sent for development. The expired slide film used is Fujichrome Provia 100F. Well it was an impromptu idea to use film and besides all 3 rolls of Provia have been stored in the fridge for too long and way past its expiration dated February 2013. Look forward to see the unexpected or disastrous results. Will update this blog or post a new one once all are ready.

The photographs you see here in this blog are all in digital format. All made without any form of light-painting. Just exposed under the available ambience lighting from the sodium vapor street lights. All photographs are color-corrected. So here they are.

Sign of nature claiming back its land
Light trail created by a military fighter jet
from a nearby air base
Since this area has been vacant for such a long time
huge trucks are able to park their vehicles here for free
The red mailbox
A quiet drive way that goes round
the whole industrial park
A small drive way that leads to the back of
each building perhaps for easy uploading of goods