Saturday, February 06, 2016

Mount Imbiah Battery (Part Two)

Good evening fellow night dwellers! This is the second and last installment of Mount Imbiah Battery nocturne serial. Make the jump to view.

We came to the underground armoury and barracks which is found right behind the battery gun emplacement area. Though the gate to the underground armoury is locked, there is an easy way to get down there.

Underground Armory & Barracks
Once I set foot on the basement ground, I could hear shrieking sounds from one of the barracks. In fact those sounds came from the bats. They are super active in a secret chamber. Two locked gates with very narrow passage ways which I suspect that both lead into one same secret chamber deep inside. Upon exploring other rooms, I noticed cemented brick walls are found and sealed up narrow gaps to a secret chamber, leaving one unsealed gap on top. That's where I saw bats flying inside when I pointed my flashlight. This underground armoury has been vacant for a long long time and it serves like a cave i.e dark and wet, making it an ideal habitat for bats. It's no wonder the 2 gates are locked for entry prohibition.

Next. I turned my lens towards the gun emplacement area where there are large rusty screws embedded in the ground in a circular format. I believe the screws were used to secure the artillery gun position as well as for recoil stability.

Battery Gun Emplacement
I took the opportunity to use my LED closet light for some creative lighting fun. I positioned the light right on top of each alternate screw to form a circle as shown in the above photo. With a red colored gel, I light-painted the grass-filled groove to create "a hand clock". Well, there are more creative lightings to play around for more interesting results. For now I want to keep things as simple as possible.

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