Sunday, March 12, 2017

New Playground on the Block – The Crooked Houses

It's been a long while since I last made nocturnal photographs of playgrounds...

About a week ago, a friend of mine informed me about this new playground on the block located in Yishun Ring Road. After searching on the internet for some photo samples, I decided to pay a visit to check out. Eventually my friend and I made our way there last night.

The above image is a result of stacking multiple photos in which each photo exposed for 10 seconds with its interior light-painted with a neutral white flashlight. Next two images below are exactly on the same camera position and exposed for 15 seconds respectively. The only difference is the red color light I used on the second image., just to experiment for a different effect. Same stacking method applied in post-production.

It would be another long time until I find another interesting subject to make. Meantime, Not Quite Night series will continue to be featured here so do subscribe to my blog for new updates.