Saturday, April 14, 2018

This Used To Be My Playground serial – Animals Kingdom playground (2018)

It’s been 3 months since the last blog posted on the Aeroplane Playground  I was pretty much pre-occupied with other stuff and finally got the chance to get out at night for this unique playground located in the northern part of Singapore.

Welcome you to take on this uniquely night safari experience.

Animals Kingdom playground

This Animals Kingdom playground consists of 12 animals namely a lion, a grizzly bear, a rhinoceros, a silverback gorilla, an alligator, a horse, an ostrich, a camel, a giraffe, a parrot, a pangolin and an elephant.

Amongst these animals I have made 8 night photographs as I found the other 3 i.e. giraffe, elephant and pangolin, do not have significant shapes and form to distinguish itself as its own kind. I deliberately left out the parrot which I could either light-paint it with varies colored gel or just using flash strobe. Strobing would be ideal to separate the subject from the messy background. Somehow I just passed on.

I can't help but wonder why these structures are even considered playground, or are they just for decoration purpose. They don't look attractive nor colorful like any other modern playground. They just look plain and uninteresting. Photographically, I tried to create some dramatic lighting for that night safari experience which I kind of like the overall results. Anyway, I let my night photographs do the rest of the blogging.

Lastly, I did just one light-painting on the alligator, just for fun. If you like my night photography work, do subscribe. Thanks for your time and support.

Lights off!

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