Monday, June 26, 2006

Cindy Tan

© 2005 Cindy Tan

Cindy Tan
It goes a long way back when I first started out Lomography. I came across a Lomo forum where I got to know Cindy. Cindy plays with different type of compact cameras such as CX-A, LOMO FrogEye, Super Sampler, Holga, etc and she shoots more than I do. She has many nice cross-processed photographs I've ever seen which included pictures of her niece and nephew as her role models. Cindy works as a freelance writer and she does wedding photography full-time professionally.

The two B&W photographs featured here are taken by Cindy using her Lubitel 166U TLR on LUCKY SHD-100 film (made in China). 'Peak' was taken during our first night photography outing as I mentioned in my early post 'The Great Monument'. 'Infinity' was taken followed by after we walked to Esplanade Garden right under the flyover, Esplanade Way. We each took a shot. I'll feature mine in the next post.

Simplicity is the main photographic element in Cindy's work. Less is more. These images have alot to say about the cold and calmness of the night. By playing with shapes and lines in her unique composition or 'art of seeing', the sense of tranquility and peacefulness are present in it.

Lubitel 166U • LUCKY SHD-100 • Timing not recorded


  1. Hey man,

    1stly, congrats on your blog. Hehe. I'm enjoying your work very much. I always say I must go out at night to take photos but sadly i'm too beat to do so.

    Wow..those b/w are very nice. You the king of b/w man. :)

    Cindy's works are great too. I've got lots to learn from you 2.


  2. Thanks for yr kind words Aloysius! :)

    If you are keen in night photography and wanna learn more, you can leave down yr contact number and email address so I can keep u updated on future night outings.

    Do drop by often for more night photographs. Cheers mate!