Friday, July 20, 2018

Night Street Photo – CAUTION

RICOH GR2 – f/2.8 1/15 sec. -0.3 EV ISO 800
DNG post-processed in Photoshop Camera RAW

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Night Street Photo – Little Shy Boy

NIKON FM10 | 50mm f/1.8 | Settings Not Recorded
CineStill 800Tungsten | ISO 800 rated at 500 | X-processed and scanned in Triple-D Minilab
Further enhancement in Color Efex Pro 4

Friday, June 01, 2018

Night Street Photo – Crimson Durian

RICOH GR2 f/2.8 1/100 sec -0.3 EV ISO 800
DNG post-processed in Adobe Photoshop with
Colour Efex Pro 4 (Nik Collection)

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Horizon Perfekt on Kodak Portra 400

Tonight in this blog, I'm not trying to do any sort of products review, but more on sharing my shooting experience and photographs using a swing lens panorama camera on Kodak Portra 400.

I bought my Horizon Perfekt point & shoot swing lens camera in 2007 and by far I had made only 18 rolls of film, and yes I have to admit I didn't use the camera too often. Suffice to say night photography with this camera has never came across my mind. Recently I decided to load a roll of Kodak Portra 400 and headed downtown on the second last night of iLight 2018 @ Marina Bay Sands. I have always enjoyed using this swing lens camera and upon completed a roll I sent it to the local photo lab for film processing and scanning, and I welcome you to view the photos.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

This Used To Be My Playground serial – Animals Kingdom playground (2018)

It’s been 3 months since the last blog posted on the Aeroplane Playground  I was pretty much pre-occupied with other stuff and finally got the chance to get out at night for this unique playground located in the northern part of Singapore.

Welcome you to take on this uniquely night safari experience.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Night Street Photo –Violet Edge

RICOH GR2 – f/5.6 1/50 sec. -0.3 EV ISO 3200
DNG post-processed in Photoshop Camera RAW

Sunday, December 31, 2017

This Used To Be My Playground serial – Aeroplane playground (2017) + one more

This is another one of many modern newly designed playground equipments which I came across during my research on the internet. In mid-August I came across the Tank playground equipment located in the west region of Singapore, and in late November, I found this one which is located in the north region. It was great fun making photographs of these two. Make the jump to view my new work.

Playground lit under ambient light

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Night Street Photo – The Big White Poncho

RICOH GR2 – f/8.0 1/8 sec. -0.3 EV ISO 6400
DNG post-processed in Photoshop Camera RAW and
converted to B&W in Nik Collection - Silver Efex Pro 2

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Not Quite Night series #51 – Clive Street

This was my first attempt on Not Quite Night with a Nikon D70s on Tamron 17-35mm. Compared to the early NQN photos which were made with Apple iPhone 6 Plus, image quality is definitely a whole lot better, even when shot on hand-held.

This photo could not be made possible during the nautical twilight period due to the heavy traffic flow of vehicles, pedestrians and eating house customers, as well as vehicles parked along the road side. Hence, I made an effort to wake up early and walked all the way from my home to Clive Street in Little India. Yes I literally walked about 3.5km. Upon arrival, I recce around the vicinity to find the best vantage spot and here it is, where I stationed myself and waited for the first light to make this shot on a Sunday dawn.

Well, I did make some shots with my iPhone 6 Plus and here are 2 results in different aspect ratio.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus on Camera+ app. Tilt-shifted in SKRWT and
post-processed in Snapseed

Apple iPhone 6 Plus on Camera+ app in Panorama mode.
Tilt-shifted in SKRWT and post-processed in Snapseed

In a blog I posted last November, in which I wrote about my new compact point-n-shoot camera, RICOH GR II, and since then I have made some good NQN photos which of course I will be posting them one by one here on a weekly basis.

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