Monday, June 26, 2006

something in the Way

something in the Way
© 2005 Martin Liew

something in the Way

This was the night when Cindy Tan and I went out for night photography in town area. As I used my Shanghai TLR for all of my night shoots, there is exception at times where I'd use my SLR. The above image was made under this highway flyover located at the Esplanade Garden. This highway is called Esplanade Way.

Playing with the lines, I compose diagonally to make it in an abstract form and to break away from the symetrical pattern I took of the Monument. Due to the low film speed (ISO 125) rated at 100, I exposured it for full 16min to bring out the extreme contrast between the highlights on the highway railings and the dark sky, and also exposed for the shadow details.

Nikon FM10 • ILFORD FP4 Plus • 16mins

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