Thursday, August 10, 2006

Selina Ng

Sentosa Park

Selina Ng

Selina takes on any kind of photography except portraitures. She's drawn to subjects that catch her attention i.e. found-objects in the street, old buildings, sceneries, etc. Her approach in photography is quite comtemporary. Selina prefers to shoot in B&W more than in color. She takes infra-red photography as well and do all her own film developing and printing at home where she converts the bathroom into a traditional wet darkroom. She does digital photography occasionally with a Canon 350D.

Here are two featured photographs by Selina. They were taken separately during two of our weekend night photography outings. These two pictures were strongly inspired by renowned night photographer, Andrew Sanderson's works.
All pictures were taken on B&W ISO100 film, exposure settings not recorded. Film is scanned with minor adjustment in Photoshop for brightness and contrast.

Changi Boardwalk