Monday, August 07, 2006

A Shed In The Park

A Shed In The Park
© 2006 Martin Liew

A Shed In The Park

A Shed In The Park was taken in the late evening during the last 15 minutes before the sky was completely dark. It wasn't my first attempt at making this picture and finally I found this one more satisfying. This is what I like about night photography. Going back to the same locations and you'll bound to see things differently with some lurking surprises awaiting for you to discover. I'll go there again on the next few full moon nights and try to make a few more exposures with the full moon, if possible. From there I have to find out and predict what will be the best time to take when the moon is set hgh or low and in which direction, so that I can capture every element in the frame. I'm sure that will make the whole picture more dramatic and attractive, or rather in a poetic and romantic sense.

Shanghai TLR • KODAK TMAX400 • 3min 40secs

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