Thursday, May 17, 2007

Night @ The National Stadium

Talking about making pictures of our National Stadium, it all started with news of the stadium demolition for a brand new design. The stadium will be officially closed own on 30 June 2007, Saturday. A closing ceremony will be held there to mark this historical event.

News broke out since last September. I went there with a fellow night photographer, Selina. We did make a few pictures but we didn't stay long. It was like our first trial and when I got back my negatives, they turn out great. I told myself I have to go back there to make many more photos of the stadium. And I did. But today I'm not able to upload those photos here as I didn't get them scanned. I will and upload them as soon as it's ready.

It was after about 6 months later, I went back with 2 other photographers who are keen in night photography. (I'll try to feature their work here soon.) I took a roll of Fuiji color negative film, Superia 400 on a Nikon FM10. Yes I did mention before that taking night pictures with color negatives isn't as good as taking it with slide film, be it in 135 or 120 format. But I was willingly to try it out, even without filter lens. Anyway I have in mind of converting all color pictures into black & white.

So here they are.

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Bridge to Stadium

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Ticket Booth

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Stairs to West Entrance

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The West Entrance