Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fort Gate Nocturne in 360 panorama

On 22 November 2009, I received an email from a fellow photographer, who is best known for his 360 panorama photography work. He is known as Wee aka etegration. A cheerful and chatty young guy who's passionate about what he does best. His reputation in making 360 panorama images has preceded him in my case, in the last 2 years.

In his email, he expressed an interest to collaborate with me in doing nocturnes 360 panorama. I was intrigued at his idea and thought I should give it a try...

So I replied to him and we have arranged to meet up for the first time at Fort Canning Park last night. Well, initially it was supposed to be a trial run on how we're going to merge the light-painting techniques into the making of 360 panorama photography and in the end we succeeded.

You can view the result by clicking on the image title labeled below the preview image. For best viewing pleasure, close the Favourite panel and press F11 key to maximize your screen display (PC users). It's even best if you have a wide LCD monitor screen.

Wee uses a Canon DSLR camera with a Russian made fish-eye lens mounted on Nodal Ninja panoramic tripod head. The ultra-wide angle lens has enough coverage to do 4 frames all round, including the top views which he tilted the camera angle slightly higher. The last shot was made hand-held for the standing ground where the tripod stood. The light-painting process is pretty much the same as to what I usually do i.e. with proper pre-planning on what color gels to use for good color combo, the amount of light density control, etc.

For post-processing, Wee did a good job in stitching all the images together. To see more of Wee's work, visit his website here. FYI, Wee is also the authorized distributor of Nodal Ninja panoramic tripod heads in Southeast Asia region. Should you be interested to purchase one, please contact him directly at his web shop.