Monday, September 27, 2010

A Walk in the Garden

© 2010 Martin Liew Photography.

I took a walk in Toa Payoh Garden this evening. It's been a long time since my last visit. I arrived at about 7:00 PM and the lamps were just lit on. I've passed by this Garden many times from work all the way to the Bus Interchange but didn't make effort to walk over.

Walk with me, if you will.

As I was walking about in search for some nice perspectives, I managed to capture this shot (shown above) with my mobile phone. I just love that curvy wavy lines formed by the boardwalk, with that lamp post illuminating some highlights on its wet surface. The boardwalk got wet due to the afternoon rain which reflected lights from the lamp post, somehow sparkles up the atmosphere. The light color temperature was cool and towards blue hue. In this image, I warmed up the hue a little and it just looks great in that way.

As I walked on, I came across one of the main features in Toa Payoh Garden i.e. the three stone bridges. I'm really got hooked on taking panorama shots with my Sony-Ericsson Vivaz. It does a great job with just 6-megapixels setting. I could set to 8-megapixels, well maybe I should on my next pano rama. Anyway I took a few pano shots of the bridges as shown below.

Stone Bridges
© 2010 Martin Liew Photography.

I love the last shot as it leads the viewer's eyes from the bridge to the other side of the hexagonal cement railings which are also one of the main structural features in the Garden. This part of the Garden remains the same for more than 3 decades I think. I was there when I was a little kid. Perhaps I should show the old vintage foto of myself, as proof.

Well based on the last foto, there's a seafood restaurant right behind me. There was once a seafood restaurant but due to the location and poor business, they were closed down and had been a vacant lot for some years before the current new one opens. As usual, it's quiet and business is slow, from what I have observed. Wonder if it will end up like its predecessor.

I think I'd go back there next weekend, for some black & white night photography.