Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Great Surprise!

October 11 2010, Monday was the greatest and exciting day for me. I went to work as usual , pretty refreshing after recovering from a cold. I checked my mail box and to my great surprise, I received an email from one of my favorite and greatest night photographers.

Make the jump to find out who is the night photographer.

That night photographer is Troy Paiva. Yes you read it right. I received Troy's email that morning and I couldn't believe myself, but it wasn't a dream. Troy Paiva needs no introduction but to some of you who may not know who he is.

Troy Paiva is a multi-discipline artist based in Northern California. Troy Paiva has been photographing the abandoned places of the American West since 1987. His photographs have been published in a book called Lost America in 2003 and a second book titled Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploration followed up in 2008.

To see more images and read about Troy's adventures venture over to You will be amazed by his masterpieces.

The cover of Troy's Book: Lost America

The cover of Troy's second book 

Troy is invited to be one of the judges for a reality TV show "The Big Shot" here in Singapore. The TV program is in the midst of recording and date of telecast is yet to be announced. This TV show is a Singapore version similar to the US reality show "The Shot". Recruitment for "The Big Shot" was closed on 25 August 2010. In case you are interested to know what it's all about, here are the details.

In his email, Troy asked me to guide him to shoot some place here at night. I'm thrilled. It's such a great honor and pleasure meeting him in person and learn from the Master himself. Last Sunday I went out for location recce and I found the ideal place for light-paintings and for my upcoming outdoor location portraiture sessions. I'll be bringing Troy there. It'll be an exciting and fun night doing nocturnes with Troy Paiva.

OK do come back and check out my new blog on our night outing.