Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Night Photography Outing with Troy Paiva & friends

75 Loewen
© 2010 Martin Liew Photography

OK here I am, writing this blog about the night photography outing with Troy Paiva and friends. How do I begin? It was the most amazing, exciting and fun night outing I ever had. An unforgettable experience doing nocturnes with Troy!

Make the jump for the night adventure.

This is Troy's first time in Singapore. Troy is invited to be one of the judges for a local reality TV program "The Big Shot" here. The TV program is in the midst of recording at the time of writing this blog. Date of telecast is yet to be announced. This TV show is a Singapore version to the US reality show "The Shot". Troy will be going back on an evening flight today after the program recording. It's such a short trip and it seems so surreal to him. But to me and my friends, it was a great honor and pleasure meeting him in person and we hope he will come back to Singapore.

We went to pick up Troy at his hotel in the afternoon. While it's still bright in the day, it's easy to explore. We stopped by at Old Changi Hospital (OCH in short) to check if it's accessible. Well times has changed and the local authority has fenced up the whole area. The place used to be opened and anyone could just walk in to explore. Yes it was a little disappointment there but what the heck, the spirit of Urban Exploration never dims. We move on to the next location.

As we were on the road heading towards old Seletar Camp, we had a great conversation with Troy. We got to talk about his books, his photography work, the workshops he and Joe Reifer conducted, life and work in California, etc. And his favorite topic of all is cars.

When we reached Seletar Camp, we still found 2 blocks of worn out buildings there but they are all locked up. Nothing we could do though so we went for dinner at Holland Village. Next stop, Loewen Cluster in Tanglin Village. Another friend of mine joined us there. We all started making night pictures in an abandoned house. Troy guided us along the way and showed us some of his light-painting techniques and playing with lights. It was awesome to see how the Master does. Troy had his own time doing his night pictures while we were busy working out on our own.

I managed to make a few pictures and one of them is 75 Loewen, shown above. I made this picture along side with Troy who gave me some tips and tricks in achieving better results. A valueable lessons learnt!

Next stop, we went to Labrador Park for the Gun Machine Post. We didn't stay long there as everyone was exhausted. So I gathered everyone for a group photo and Troy suggested to do a "ghost" efex shot. Here are the group shots.

© 2010 Martin Liew Photography

Before we send Troy back to his hotel to rest, we asked for his autographs. I brought two of his books, Lost America and Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploration. In kind return, Troy gave me a new copy of Night Vision as a token of appreciation. I was overwhelmed and accepted it graciously. Here are the two autographs he signed on my books.

© 2010 Martin Liew Photography

© 2010 Martin Liew Photography