Monday, November 15, 2010

Dwell In The Night (A Short Film Trailer)

© Martin Liew Photography

OK you might ask what does a short film trailer got to do with night photography. Make the jump as I explain.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Singapore Night Hunt Experience + 1 Good News

Sound of Darkness
© 2010 Martin Liew Photography

Tonight I'm going to share with you on my Night Hunt experience. Last Saturday night, there were reportedly about 160 participants turned up at City Square Mall for the first ever night photography marathon contest solely organized by Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF). Upon seeing the people who turned up and the sight had my friends and I all jazzed up and ready for the great fun and excitement that awaits us.

Follow me as I share more of my night adventures.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

First Night Photography Marathon + 1 Film Screening

Singapore International Photography Festival aka SIPF has organized the first ever Night Photography Marathon event, called Singapore Night Hunt. With Canon as the main sponsor, I wouldn't be surprise about this photo marathon event. It could be similar to Canon's Photo-marathon concept. Anyway I have registered for this event and I really like to see how it goes. I wouldn't miss this fun and exciting event as long it's related to night photography. Registration and details can be found from the link above.

Looking at the event poster image, I believe they are looking for more artistic, creative and contemporary style of night photos, if not just mere snap shots of night street photos or urban landscape at night with some creativity of course. All subject to their themes or topics set on that night. I'm looking forward to this event and will update in my blog on my experience.

For those who are keen to take part, I think registration is still open and the non-refundable fee is SGD$20. As some fellows commented that Canon photo-marathon registration fee is just SGD$10 and why is this night event so costly. As a complimentary, SIPF gave out free tickets to one of their film screenings titled, A Sense of Place for just one night. The screening was held last night at The Moving Image Gallery, SAM at 8Q. No worries as there'll be a second screening this coming Sunday afternoon. More details from the second link above.

Talking about the film, it gives an insight to the creative processes and working methods of 6 contemporary photographers. The first clip showcased is Todd Hido on his Night Studio. I came across Todd name during the first SIPF in 2008. I was attending a night photography talk conducted by Shannon Castleman and she mentioned Todd Hido. I didn't pay much attention to his work then, but after watching his video clip, I'm starting to appreciate his work.

Here's a video clip from YouTube in which Todd was interviewed and talked about his work and creative process. Pity the video is cut off right towards the end and couldn't find the second half. Check it out if you will. For those who received this blog as an email, visit my blog site to view the video clips.

Here's another video on American Beauty by Stephen Shore, This video was shown in the film screening last night. There is a beauty in his artistic work which I find it helpful in shaping and reviewing one's own vision and artistic direction in pursuit of one's own photography project, which in turn will develop one's own style. For this I think it's important in night photography.

Well I hope these 2 photographers' work would inspire you. Do come back for my Night Hunt experience which should be up by early next week.