Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where have I been?

Abandoned House
© Martin Liew Photographer

Where have I been for the past 6 months? Not a single blog posted here for more than 6 months. Yes! This is really outrageous I know! Am I slacking? No I am not. I was busy with my digital portraiture projects; doing mainly fashion photography. Check out my new work over at my website. I've always consistently looking for inspirations and never forget about nocturne photography.

Here's the new updates for you readers out there. The last nocturne outing was held in May 2011. Two friends had joined me that night and it's my pleasure to showcase their work here. Make the jump to find out more.

Location Recce
A day before the night outing, I did a location recce at old Seletar Camp. The Government is converting the whole area into a Aerospace Hub and they have demolished most of the old colonial buildings to make ways for wider roads and is renovating old buildings into new offices and facilities. Here are three of the recce shots in panorama I made on that sunny hot morning. Plus a few more images made with my phone camera.

Abandoned houses
˙© Martin Liew Photography

This ground area is under JTC property where they are undergoing drainage and road re-construction. I think those houses will be refurbished for land property rental or sale.

Night Outing
It was an exciting night on 21 May 2011, Saturday. My friend, Randall and I decided to visit this location and make some good nocturne pictures. I asked another friend to join us. Thought he might be interested to try out light-painting.

Night Cityscapes
© Calvin Huang Photography

A little intro on Calvin Huang. Calvin works as an engineer in a local shipping company. Like many others, he started out photography as a hobby and has progressed well for a year now. He does mainly food and still life photography and occasionally on night cityscapes (as shown above).

It was Calvin's first experience on light-painting. After some introductions and hands-on test shots, Calvin got a hang of it. Here are two photos he made that night which are pretty good for a first timer. Calvin favors ultra-wide angle lens and a Tokina 11-16mm is used for these two shots.

© Calvin Huang Photography

Next, it's my long-time friend, Randall whose work I have featured before in our night outing at Labrador Park. Randall favors ultra-wide angle lens too and he uses very powerful searchlight for most of his nocturne works. Here's one he did on the same staircase as Calvin did, but different perspective at low angle.

© Randall Kok Photography

I like the way Randall cropped this image into a vertical panorama format. Towards the end of our night explorations when dawn was just 30 minutes away, we got together to light-paint a large building which we believe it used to be a Recreational Club main hall. Each of us took positions and I was in-charge of doing all the light-paintings on the second level hall, lighting up almost the entire hall. Randall did the rest at the ground level, on the pillars. Here's my shot.

Abandoned Club House
© Martin Liew Photography

Well, with a 17-35mm lens at 17mm super low angle, this is the best angle and composition I could get. On the other side, Randall got a better result with his  Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5 - 4.5 USM.

Abandoned Club House
© Randall Kok Photography

What a grandeur view of the Club House! I like the cloud motion effects and the road textures on the foreground. Last but not least, I told the guys that we should do a group photo shoot with the Club House as a good backdrop. Without much ado, we got it made. Just as we were about to pack up, it started to rain. We grabbed our equipments and ran for cover under the Club House. Here's the group photo.

© Randall Kok Photography

In our next blog, I'll be writing about a mystery guest who is coming to Singapore for the second time. So until then, keep shooting keep light-painting. If you want to know who's the mystery guest is, do subscribe to my blog and get updated. Thanks for reading! Cheers!