Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sharing Session @ LIGHTOLOGY

Here it is. One of the few images taken by a friend of mine, Bryon Wee who was kind enough to take some shots of my nocturnes presentation last night at LIGHTOLOGY Photo Adventure: i Light Marina Bay 2012. BTW that's Juliana Tan from URA who is the host and person-in-charge of this event. Make the jump for more coverage.

Quite a huge audience. More than those attended Digital Night 2010.

Talking about Matilda House night outing story.

Sharing a funny story behind the making of this night image.

Showing my latest nocturne work which is yet to be published on my website.

All images courtesy of Bryon Wee

Due to time constraint, I got only 5 mins left to present. Howsoever it still served as a good sharing experience and getting more exposures for my nocturnes work, in hope to reach to a wider audience. After the presentation, everyone moved out to make some interesting night pictures of the light art displays and lastly to attend a 30-minutes demonstration on light-painting outside Marina Bay City Gallery. Here are two of the demo images Calvin and I made. A big thank-you to my long-time buddy, Randall Kok, for posing for our little demo.

All demo images shown above are copyright of Martin Liew.

The light-painting demonstration was carried out right outside Marina Bay City Gallery where one of the light art displays is installed. A little intro on this light art display. It is called The Gate by Chinese artist, Li Hui.

Li Hui graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 2003. He currently lives and works in Beijing. As a conceptual artist, he works in diverse media, including transparent neon-lit acrylic sculptures and laser beams.

Whether a path to another realm, another level of spirituality or simply another beginning, a gate is a symbol of many things. In Li's work, The Gate becomes a powerful image of passage and enlightenment. Hundreds of small beams of low intensity laser light frame the entryway and radiate straight past the viewer, splashing red into eternity.

For the sake of our light-painting demo, we made use of Li Hui's The Gate along with Calvin's spiral light and my green laser pointer effect, all in the color mode of RGB (Red, Green and Blue) which seems rather pleasing and with a little surrealism. It's as though The Gate just appears out of nowhere in the night city of Singapore which is reflected on a dark tinted glass wall of City Gallery.

I would like to thank Juliana and Calvin for having me on this amazing event.