Sunday, July 08, 2012

This Used To Be My Playground (Video Part One)

This Used To Be My Playground
A Mosaic Memento on Old School Playgrounds in Singapore

Tonight I want to show you a video that I've just created, featuring some of the old school playgrounds in Singapore. Well, it all came about when I was looking at some of the videos and images I took during my location scoutings in preparation for my night photography project of the same title. In case some of you have not seen my nocturnes work, you can view them here.

I wanted to do an interesting video with a mixture of still images and footages. Honestly speaking I know nuts about video production and editing but I just want to do some creative stuff. I know there are lots to learn in videography and cinematography, let alone photography. Previously I've used Apple's iMovie with which I couldn't get much controls out of it. Hence I chose Adobe Premiere Pro.

At the moment I'm working on the second part of this video as well as one BTS video on the sculpture which was featured in my previous blog.

So do stay tuned. Meantime I hope you enjoy watching this video. Thank you.