Monday, February 03, 2014

First Nocturnes in 2014

Wormhole - Bamboo installation by Indonesian artist, Eko Prawoto
Needless to say, the following images including the one shown above are the first nocturnes made in 2014 - the year of Horse. I hereby wish all my Chinese friends and readers a Happy Prosperous Lunar New Year. May the year of Horse brings great Happiness and Prosperity to you and your family. Make that horsey leap for more nocturnes.

A brand new year and a good kickstart on my love for night photography again. On 30th December I headed down to National Museum of Singapore with my plastic toy camera and shot 2 rolls of art installations situated right outside the museum. After that day, I decided to go back there to make some good nocturnes. And I made it happened on Saturday night.

This is another art installation by Indonesian artist, Rosid. Titled Lumbung Ilmu (Granary of Knowledge). A lumbung is a small wooden hut used by farmers in Indonesia to store harvested rice and protect it from the elements and pests. 

The exterior of this lumbung is decorated with farming implements, which, together with the structure, are a tribute to the artist's lineage as an anak petani (a son of farmers). Rosid intended Lumbung Ilmu to be his personal sanctuary, but it has become a repository of personal and cultural values and traditions which are fast vanishing today, and a material manifestation of his desire to share these values and his love for learning with the wider community.

Despite the occasionally wind gust which can be a little chilling, I really enjoyed my time making these nocturnes and I'm totally satisfied with the results. I still have some good subjects in mind and I'm so looking forward to make more nocturnes in 2014.

Until then, lights off!!