Saturday, May 09, 2015

Abandoned Houses

Abandoned Houses
I was in hope that the night sky would be cleared of heavy clouds so I could make my very first star trails exposure. The night weather in Ipoh was pretty good and for this photograph I exposed for 10 minutes. Guess I was lucky to have some scattered small clouds passing by and managed to capture some star trails and clouds motion.

The interiors of both houses were lit with my Fenix TA21 covered with yellow cellophane paper and a light reflector for even and wider light spread. Some neutral lighting as fill-in on the foreground for some texture details.

So, this nocturne marks the last photo from my Ipoh trip. Yes there are not many photographs as you would expected. Personally I go for quality over quantity and I am very satisfied with these nocturnes (a total of 4).

In the next blog I will show my very first successful star trails photograph. So do subscribe to my blog for new updates. Good night and lights off!