Saturday, April 02, 2016

This Used To Be My Playground serial - Elephant playground

Elephant playground (2012)
In mid February 2016, I wrote a blog showcasing night photos I made of a Dinosaurs playground in Toa Payoh. In continual of my photography project, This Used To Be My Playground, I visited the Elephant playground last weekend for the second time since 2012. Make the jump to continue...
Elephant playground (2012)

Based on my memory of 2012 when I visited the Elephant playground for the very first time in Pasir Ris, it's situated right in the premise of Home Team NS holiday chalets. Home Team NS is a non-profit Association set up to recognise the invaluable contributions of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) NSmen to the safety and security of the nation.

The Elephant playground situated on a small open field, is surrounded by these semi-detached houses aka holiday chalets. During my visit, there were people around staying in the chalets with fun activities like barbecue, strolling along the beach, chatting, playing games and so on. The playground was well lit and hence light painting was not necessarily applicable.

Fast forward to present day, this section area of the chalets has closed down for quite some time. I estimate it could be about two years or more. The street lamps are off and the place is thrown into darkness and tranquility. The playground is not as clean as it used to be four years ago. What was once filled with sand is now covered with grasses and weeds. After such a long period of time exposing to harsh weather condition and humidity, the structures are worn off and the tiny mosaic tiles are tarnished. This playground is considered dead.

Elephant playground (2016)
Coming to such place always a thrill to me. The low light condition is most suitable for light-painting. So I reanimated it and here are the photos for your feasting eyes.

I had a wonderful time making these photographs. Despite of the perspective and framing challenges, I've tried a few different angles and compositions with pleasing and satisfying results. More nocturnes in the next blog post. Do subscribe for new updates.

Last but not least, I made three videos as a memento in remembering the old school playgrounds in Singapore and the Elephant playground is featured in Part Two.

This Used To Be My Playground - Part One

This Used To Be My Playground - Part Two

This Used To Be My Playground - Part Three

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Good night and lights off!