Saturday, July 09, 2016

A Night at Dakota Crescent Serial - Week 1
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Good evening fellow night dwellers! Tonight I'm kickstarting this short night photography serial on Dakota Crescent which I would be posting one night photograph of this unique and soon-to-be-gone oldest rental flats estate, on every Saturday night 10:10PM SGT. View the photo after the jump.

Block 18
In 2014, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) broke the news to the residents of 17 blocks of rental flats there during a visit on 23 July, Wednesday, because of plans to redevelop the area for new residences. About 400 households are affected by the decision.

Located off Old Airport Road, Dakota Crescent’s mix of low-rise HDB blocks have been unchanged since they were first built in 1958 and it is one of Singapore’s oldest HDB estates.

Named after a plane model that landed at Kallang Airport in the past, the flats in the estate are fitted with retro-looking grills and doors of yore. Its old-school dove-shaped playground with mosaic tiles are reminiscent of Singapore in the 1950s. Talking about the dove playground, I've had posted a blog in 2012 here.

Before I end this blog, I'd like to declare and clarify that I'm not trying to document Dakota Crescent like any other form of documentary photography whatsoever. Personally I find this place nice and quiet and unique, partly because of its dove playground and its night atmosphere. That's all to it.

Last year in March I visited this part of the neighborhood where I made the top photo of the concrete table and trees next to Block 18, titled 'Heartland Tranquilty'. On my recent visit, I turned my lens on Block 18 and included the trees. As the lighting contrast is huge, I decided to use HDR technique with a little light painting on the foreground tree to make it as natural as possible in 3-dimensional and with layered textures.

I hope you like the night photographs presented here, as much as I love making them and it's always a joy sharing my work with you readers. Thank you for your continuous kind support.

Until next weekend, good night and lights off!

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