Monday, June 26, 2017

Cross Path – a Night Cinemagraph

Last week I took another trip to this location near Chinatown, on an overhead bridge, where I was trying to create the above night cinemagraph. I was there in mid December 2016 where I made some nautical twilight photos for my project, Not Quite Night, of the same photo title.

Days after making those photos, an idea came into my mind on creating cinemagraphs at night. I wrote down some interesting ideas on my digital notebook, Evernote. It's 6 months now and finally I got the chance to create one using my iPhone 6 Plus. I know it's not the best tool to do video with its quality limitations but for a start-up, I think it's good enough. Previously I've created Everlasting Heinken – my very first cinemagraph, with my iPhone too.

For Cross Path cinemagraph, I spent more time to process it and refine it than the first one, and in the end the result pays off. I would continue trying to think more new interesting ideas and create more in the near future.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Night Street Photo – Trishaw Workshop

I took a stroll along Joo Chiat Road last week and came across this trishaw repair shop. I believe this elderly man is the shop owner and he seen to be exhausted after a hard day's work. Head bowed with opened arms on knees and sighed. It was 8:30PM (SST) when I made this environmental portrait.

To show some close-up details of his working environment, I decided to do a 16x9 vertical panorama crop as shown below.

Photo info: Apple iPhone 6 Plus on Camera+ app and post processed in Snapseed. Black & white conversion in Photoshop using Nik's Silver Efex Pro 2.