Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NOCTURNES : The Art of Surrealistic Landscape

Abandoned House. © 2009 Martin Liew Photography
Finally I've came up with the right title for my nocturne photography work, NOCTURNES : The Art of Surrealistic Landscape.

The photograph above was made on 9 May, Saturday night with a couple of friends. Each of us took a different vantage point and I did all the light-paintings. Pity we couldn't stay longer, so I decided to go back on my own on the following Tuesday, 12 May right after work.

I found myself getting more gutsy and bolder than ever, traveling all the way up to the north area after work to make some good nocturne photographs, all alone in this dark quiet place. I really had a good time exploring the location and certainly enjoyed the quiet night atrmosphere. Well, I didn't stay long, say for about one and a half hour.

I made a point and effort to go back on the following Saturday and stayed there through out until dawn. It was fabulous doing nocturnes in that place. You can view more nocturne images directly at my website here.

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Thank you for reading.