Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Trees of Stone Nocturne in 360 panorama

Here's another excellent panorama work by Wee aka etegration. Click on the image title to view the VR format.

What are Trees of Stone? Make the jump to find out.

Trees of Stone are "petrified" tree trunks, the preserved, fossilised remains of real ancient trees.

In case some viewers are confused or do not know what are all these about. Nocturne 360 panorama is a collaboration between me and Wee aka etegration, a fellow photographer who is known for his 360 panorama. I was approached by Wee to make some interesting 360-pano using my light-painting techniques. This series is our second collaboration at Singapore Botanic Garden - Evolution Garden.

We made 3 nocturnes 360-pano on that night. So do come back here for the thrid nocturne image.

Meantime, you can view a photograph I made of these trees here. Pleasant viewing.