Saturday, August 08, 2015

A Night at the Last Kampung in Singapore

A week ago, I revisited the last Kampung (Village in Malay) in Singapore - Kampung Lorong Buangkok. Yes I was there once and that was about two or three years ago and that was my first night visit. I had visited in the day time before but nothing can describe my feelings when I arrived there at night.

I didn't quite make many night photos as I used film on my TLR camera back then. So, make the jump to see more digital night photos I made with my Nikon D300.

My main objective of making these night photographs of the last kampung is to show viewers how the village looks like at nightfall, and to show the peacefulness and beauty of the village at night. The night atmosphere in that place is pretty good to me, at least. I really love the night atmosphere which I managed to capture it during this second visit.

I hope you enjoy viewing these night photographs as much as I enjoyed making them. Do subscribe to my blog for more new night photos update. Cheers!

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