Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Night at Little Guilin

For the past 3 weeks, air condition in Singapore wasn't good as the smoky haze came back to haunt us. The main cause of this hazard was caused by illegal forest burnings in Sumatra, Indonesia. With average PSI (Pollutant Standard Index) level range from 130-200, it's considered unhealthy for any outdoor activities which I suppose any form of photography activities is included. Not if I'm wearing a good protective face mask.

Prior to the haze attack, I've planned to visit Little Guilin, located at Bukit Gombak, west side of Singapore. So I'd like to take advantage of this hazy condition to create some interesting and moody night photographs. While making night photographs in the park, the haze condition started to clear up. Not that I have had expected and so I carried on.

So here are some of the haze-free night photographs.

"My main objective here is to capture that calmness and tranquility where time and space stand still. A strong curiosity of wanting to see how the park looks like at night. Yes there are many people walking in the park but not many would stay still long enough to see and feel the night atmosphere. And so I hope these night photographs fill that missing part. I hope viewers are able to see another side of the park in a different perspective, visually and photographically."

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Good night and lights off!

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