Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mount Imbiah Battery (Part One)

Good evening night dwellers! Two weeks ago, I wrote about my night experience at Mount Imbiah Battery in Sentosa. Tonight I want to share with you more night photographs. Make the jump to view them.

On Christmas night, I made an impromptu trip to Mount Imbiah Battery, all alone by myself. I was so eager to do more night photography of this place and with enough said, here they are.

It was a full moon night and so beautiful. Despite of making several takes on each photo, I really enjoyed myself and these 5 are the best results. More photos coming soon in 2016. If you are interested to know more about Mount Imbiah Battery, you can refer to my URBEX (Urban Exploration) photos here and a video from my YouTube Channel.

This blog also marks the last blog post in 2015. I want to thank all my readers and supporters for the support and encouragement. I hope you can continue in 2016 and many years to come. Lastly I hereby wish all my readers and supporters a happy and prosper new year.

Happy 2016!

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